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I live a long distance away from my relative and a I am concerned about their wellbeing. Do you provide services to help me watch out for them?

Yes, We have a lot of experience dealing with long-distance relationships, providing help and care in order for them to retain independence as long as possible. As a Care By Us carer will visit your loved one regularly, they will be able to report to our office team any changes in your loved one’s condition. Worrying changes will be responded to instantly, but we can also provide reassurance that all is well on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your thoughts about your loved one and their care. Our advisers can tell you what services we provide and come up with the best personalised plan for your loved one’s care. We begin our caring relationship with a home visit, so we can meet both you and your loved one and understand their needs.

Do you provide dementia care?

Yes, we will always match our carers’ specific skills to your loved one’s needs. All of our carers are trained in specialist dementia care before beginning work as carers with us. Please discuss any special requirements during our first visit and we will let you know how best we can help. If your loved one is beginning to show signs of dementia, it can be a very difficult time, but having the assistance of a specially trained carer can be very reassuring to both friends and family. For dementia sufferers, being in their own homes, surrounded by their personal possessions can make a tremendously positive difference to their wellbeing. Our carers are trained to support people in their own homes, and this is usually far preferable to residential care.

Do you provide end of life care?

Yes, we can provide end of life care and support. Most people would prefer if possible to end their days in their own homes. When a loved one is facing a life-limiting condition, it is helpful to have the help and support of experienced carers in the home. Our caring service is built around our service users specific needs, so if you wish to discuss end of life issues and the support we can provide, please let us know in our initial visit. We can ensure that you have the assistance of a carer specially trained in palliative (end of life) care.

What kind of care do you provide?

For hourly care or support, our dedicated Carers / Support Workers come to visit you in your own home. The visits are scheduled as often as you require for as long as you need. The visit timings can be from as little as a ¼ hour all the way up to 24 hour live-in care. Live-In Care may be the optimum care package for you if you need a lot of care. Live-In Carers stay with you in your home and are always on hand when you need them, and we will replace your Carer should he/she become sick or take a holiday. The Carers are entitled to a two hour break daily which can be covered by our hourly Carers if appropriate. Both Hourly and Live-In Carers will be able to provide you with the Care and Support Services detailed below: To ensure that extra security and peace of mind for you, we also provide:
  • Sleepovers and Night Sits – reassurance during the night;
  • Fast Response Hourly Care or support for any urgent situations;
  • Back Up Live In Carers – to ensure we always have someone to be there for you at short notice.
Our Care Services
  • Personal Care, which includes assistance – with bathing, dressing, toileting;
  • Cooking and assistance with feeding (where necessary);
  • Moving and Handing: Helping clients with limited or no mobility;
  • Assistance with Medication;
  • Domestic Chores such as washing, ironing, light cleaning and other tasks;
  • Assistance with Pets.
Our Support Services
  • Going shopping
  • Assistance with becoming an employer;
  • Assistance with finding employment
  • Helping with budgeting/paying bills;
  • Helping to organise your social life;
  • Supporting those with Learning Difficulties find gainful employment;
  • Getting out into the community and undertaking community based activities.
Our Home Carers / Support Workers also offer companionship, and where possible to enable you to enjoy social activities such as visiting friends, going to church and eating out.

What is the minimum level of support you provide?

We can provide a 15-minute Wellbeing Call once a week for our more independent clients. Alternatively, we can arrange a 15-minute Medication Call once a day to ensure your loved one takes the right amount of medication, and to confirm that they are well. The most important factor for most people is not the amount of time but the positive effect of the visit and what can be achieved.

How will I know when to start organising care for my loved one?

This very much depends on the individual, but it is always worth contacting us to discuss the current situation. Researching the local options for care, and planning what you will do in advance of urgent need, is helpful for families’ peace of mind. You will then be clear as to what we can provide when the need arises. The situation can change at any time, and we are able to organise the appropriate level of care at short notice, either living in or visiting. For example, your relation may suffer a fall or need an operation or hospital care. In these instances, we can provide short term convalescent care at home to help them back to their former health. Existing family care arrangements may break down for a number of reasons, or you may simply need some time off. We can provide respite care, either visiting or living in, to fill the gap.

Is care at home for the elderly a suitable alternative to residential care?

Yes – for almost anybody, support at home surrounded by familiar possessions with friends and family popping in, is preferable to the disruption and stress of moving into a care home and adapting to an unfamiliar routine. All our care is specifically tailored to each person’s individual requirements, to provide as much support as your loved one needs to remain independent, whatever their health issues. We work hard to ensure your relation stays independent in their own home for as long as they choose.

Does live-in care mean 24-hour coverage?

No, but we can provide a package which covers day and night care if that is what is needed. Live-in care means that the carer is around the house, but we will meet with you for a full assessment and we all agree what level of care is needed before it starts.

Can we choose the carers?

We always start any caring relationship with an initial free home visit, and assessment of need. An in-depth chat is the best means of getting to know people’s individual needs and preferences, and we use this information to match them to a suitable carer. We aim to create a good match from the start, because a trusting relationship is so important when it come to personal care. Feedback, of course, can help to fine-tune the process if anything needs to be changed.

“What checks do you complete on your carers before they visit people?

All our Carers are thoroughly trained before going out to visit people – to find out more about our training program, please click here [link to Training page]. They are then supervised by an experienced carer for the first few times they visit people in their own homes, as the final stage of our initial training program. We then make regular spot checks to carry on this supervision. Before employing any carer we carry out enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks (formerly CRB checks) – for more information on DBS checks please click here [link to DBS info - https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/disclosure-and-barring-service/about]. Further to this initial process, we make regular spot checks to carry on this supervision and, as our relationship with our customers continues, we check regularly that all is going well. Please let us know if you have any concerns, and we also welcome your personal impressions of our care.

What training do your carers receive?

Please click here [link to training page] for more information on our training program. Our culture at Care By Us is that a carer’s training is never fully complete, we are committed to ensuring each employee’s continued career development, and offer further qualifications in care alongside regular refresher courses so that their training is always fresh in our carers’ memory.

Why am I being encouraged to have care?

There are many people who would benefit a great deal from professional care in their own home, but who strenuously resist the efforts of those who love them to put that care in place. Furthermore, some people living in their own homes may even be at risk of personal injury without a carer. There are many reasons that people resist care; but the most common reasons are a perceived loss of independence and an invasion of personal privacy.

If I accept care will I lose my independence?

At Care By Us, our aim is to preserve your independence and autonomy. We provide you with the minimum care necessary in order to keep you safe and happy in the comfort of your own home. Our carers are unobtrusive and sensitive to your need for independence, “space” and privacy.

Will carers be permitted to smoke or drink in my home?

No, carers are not permitted to smoke or drink alcohol in your home.

How will I know it is my carer at the door?

This is only a concern in the beginning, as soon you will know all of your carers well. However, all of our carers (except Live In Carers) wear the Care By Us company uniform with an embroidered Care By Us logo. The carers also all carry photographic identity cards with them on all of their care visits, so please ask to see this card if you are unsure.

What if it is inconvenient for me to get to the door?

Very simple. A key safe can be fitted outside your home. This is a completely secure safe that can only be opened using a coded combination, which only your care team will know. Inside the key safe will be a key that the carer can use to come into the house. When leaving, your carer will then return the key to the key safe, locking it securely. Key safes work very well and are very popular with our clients. They are inexpensive and can be obtained locally and fitted easily. Please ask the Care By Us office for more details.

What if I don’t like my carer?

At Care By Us we put a great deal of thought and effort into matching the right carers with our clients. We aim to get the chemistry right between you and your carer right from the start, but if we misjudge the relationship, we will change the carer until you are comfortable.

What if I only want one carer?

In most circumstances Care By Us will put in place a small team of carers who we feel best suits you. This means that you do not become too reliant on one individual carer who inevitable will have to take time off for holidays, family commitments, or sometimes illness. You can rely on Care By Us to always provide you with a carer, and because all our carers are trained by us to our high standards and will be familiar with your personalised care plan, we can ensure that the highest levels of care are always provided to you.

you sort out my medication?

We will work with your local pharmacy and can arrange repeat medication to be delivered to you. Care By Us operates from dosset boxes or blister packs that must be filled by a member of the family or the pharmacist. The carer can remind you to take your medication at the correct time and assist you where necessary.

Who are your Live-In carers?

Our Live-In care staff are all dedicated and well-trained professionals who have been thoroughly vetted. They are family-orientated people who are caring and compassionate. We ensure that all of our staff meet our high standards of care, and we carefully match our clients to our carers

What about accommodation for the live-in carer?

Live-in carers should have their own room, with reasonable access to heat and light. All rooms should have a bed and space for clothing. This room is for the carer to rest and sleep in, and should reflect this. Live-In carers are given full board and lodgings for the duration of their stay with you. The carer will normally eat the food that is provided by you or the family. However, if you or they have special dietary requirements, then the Live-In carer will be responsible for providing their own food along with any personal items required such as soap, toothpaste or shampoo.

Are the Live-In carers entitled to breaks?

Live-In carers are normally entitled to two hours break each day. Where the break needs to be covered, this is usually achieved by your family/friends taking over care for two hours of each day. Alternatively, we can provide a carer to cover the break. Don’t worry about this though, because we will discuss this issue with you and find a solution that suits everyone. Live-In carers are on call to you 22 hours each day. However, they require a good night’s sleep to ensure they are fresh and attentive when on duty. If the carer experiences a disturbed night, being called more than twice to attend your needs, then the carer’s break may need to be extended the next day. The live in carer is not able to accumulate breaks unless by special arrangement with the client and Care By Us office.

Who will provide any necessary equipment and consumables?

You are responsible for providing all materials and equipment the carer may need to assist you, such as disinfectant and specialist equipment for your needs. We will, of course, help you arrange/acquire any necessary equipment. Aprons and gloves will be supplied by Care By Us. [/drop_down_box]

What about insurance?

We are fully insured. However, we recommend that you check your insurance to ensure the domestic staff section covers you for any accident, loss or damage to the carer or their belongings whilst in your home.

How do I fund my care?

If you are concerned about the cost of ongoing domiciliary care, help is at hand. You may be eligible for Local Authority Funding. You will need to contact your Local Authority for support. They are required by law to assess your care needs and help put together a personalised care plan if you need one. The process may entail undergoing a financial assessment, but it can result in your local authority providing important means to provide care for you in your own home. Many people are put off by the idea of an assessment, but it’s not something you should worry about. A care-needs assessment is not a test you can pass or fail. It’s simply a straightforward way of working out your individual care needs so that your local authority or trust can decide the best way to help you. We have many Service Users whose care is paid for by Local Authority Funding. However, many others are Privately Funded. In their case, either they or their family members are able to pay for their care privately, without recourse to Local authority funding.

How do I pay for my care?

For our private clients, we do not currently accept Card payments or Direct Debit. You can pay by: BACS and Standing Order: Care By Us Ltd. 71608908 40-23-10 Cheque made payable to Care By Us Ltd.