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Do you provide dementia care?

Yes, we will always match our carers’ specific skills to your loved one’s needs. All of our carers are trained in specialist dementia care before beginning work as carers with us. Please discuss any special requirements during our first visit and we will let you know how best we can help.If your loved one is beginning to show signs of dementia, it can be a very difficult time, but having the assistance of a specially trained carer can be very reassuring to both friends and family. For dementia sufferers, being in their own homes, surrounded by their personal possessions can make a tremendously positive difference to their wellbeing. Our carers are trained to support people in their own homes, and this is usually far preferable to residential care.  

Do you provide end of life care?

Yes, we can provide end of life care and support. Most people would prefer if possible to end their days in their own homes. When a loved one is facing a life-limiting condition, it is helpful to have the help and support of experienced carers in the home. Our caring service is built around our service users specific needs, so if you wish to discuss end of life issues and the support we can provide, please let us know in our initial visit. We can ensure that you have the assistance of a carer specially trained in palliative (end of life) care.  

How do you ensure that your carers are doing their jobs properly?

When your carer starts to visit, they are supervised in your home regularly via spot checks to make sure that everything is to your liking. You can contact us at any time to request a supervisor’s visit if you believe things are not going according to plan or if you wish to make changes to your personal arrangements.  

What should I do if I don’t get on with my carer or have a complaint?

The first thing to do is to get in touch with customer care as soon as possible. We will always respond quickly to any requests for change or complaints.  

Can we choose the carers?

We always start any caring relationship with an initial free home visit, and assessment of need. An in-depth chat is the best means of getting to know people’s individual needs and preferences, and we use this information to match them to a suitable carer. We aim to create a good match from the start, because a trusting relationship is so important when it come to personal care. Feedback, of course, can help to fine-tune the process if anything needs to be changed.  

What checks do you complete on your carers before they visit people?

All our Carers are thoroughly trained before going out to visit people. They are then supervised by an experienced carer for the first few times they visit people in their own homes, as the final stage of our initial training program. We then make regular spot checks to carry on this supervision. Before employing any carer we carry out enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks (formerly CRB checks). Further to this initial process, we make regular spot checks to carry on this supervision and, as our relationship with our customers continues, we check regularly that all is going well. Please let us know if you have any concerns, and we also welcome your personal impressions of our care.  

What training do your carers receive?

Our culture at Care By Us is that a carer’s training is never fully complete, we are committed to ensuring each employee’s continued career development, and offer further qualifications in care alongside regular refresher courses so that their training is always fresh in our carers’ memory.  

Are your carers permitted to smoke or drink in my home?

No, carers are not permitted to smoke or drink alcohol in your home.  

What if it is inconvenient for me to get to the door?

Very simple. A key safe can be fitted outside your home. This is a completely secure safe that can only be opened using a coded combination, which only your care team will know. Inside the key safe will be a key that the carer can use to come into the house. When leaving, your carer will then return the key to the key safe, locking it securely. Key safes work very well and are very popular with our clients. They are inexpensive and can be obtained locally and fitted easily. Please ask the Care By Us office for more details.    

What if I don’t feel like a call from my carer?

The service you will receive from Care By Us is completely flexible. Although we plan our calls well in advance, you can cancel your call at any time. We do not charge for any calls cancelled, provided that you five us at least 24 hours’ notice.  

What if I don’t like my carer?

At Care By Us we put a great deal of thought and effort into matching the right carers with our clients. We aim to get the chemistry right between you and your carer right from the start, but if we misjudge the relationship, we will change the carer until you are comfortable.  

What if I only want one carer?

In most circumstances Care By Us will put in place a small team of carers who we feel best suits you. This means that you do not become too reliant on one individual carer who inevitable will have to take time off for holidays, family commitments, or sometimes illness. You can rely on Care By Us to always provide you with a carer, and because all our carers are trained by us to our high standards and will be familiar with your personalised care plan, we can ensure that the highest levels of care are always provided to you.  

Can you sort out my medication?

We will work with your local pharmacy and can arrange repeat medication to be delivered to you. Care By Us operates from dosset boxes or blister packs that must be filled by a member of the family or the pharmacist. The carer can remind you to take your medication at the correct time and assist you where necessary.  

Who are your Live-In carers?

Our Live-In care staff are all dedicated and well-trained professionals who have been thoroughly vetted. They are family-orientated people who are caring and compassionate. We ensure that all of our staff meet our high standards of care, and we carefully match our clients to our carers.  

Are the Live-In carers entitled to breaks?

Live-In carers are normally entitled to two hours break each day. Where the break needs to be covered, this is usually achieved by your family/friends taking over care for two hours of each day. Alternatively, we can provide a carer to cover the break. Don’t worry about this though, because we will discuss this issue with you and find a solution that suits everyone. Live-In carers are on call to you 22 hours each day. However, they require a good night’s sleep to ensure they are fresh and attentive when on duty. If the carer experiences a disturbed night, being called more than twice to attend your needs, then the carer’s break may need to be extended the next day. The live in carer is not able to accumulate breaks unless by special arrangement with the client and Care By Us office.  

Can the Live-In carer use my telephone?

No, the carer may not make personal telephone calls using your home phone. However, we would ask you to please let the carer call the Care By Us office from the home phone if there is a weak signal for their mobile phones (we will, of course, phone them straight back). Live-In carers would be expected to use your home phone to call the emergency services, doctor/nurses if necessary.  

Can the Live-In carers drive me?

Carers are not permitted to drive you in their own cars unless they have the correct insurance in place and it has been agreed with the Care By Us office. If you have your own vehicle they may drive you in this, provided you have comprehensive insurance cover that covers them when driving your vehicle, and provided you have checked with the Care By Us office that the particular carer has our permission to drive.  

Who will provide any necessary equipment and consumables?

You are responsible for providing all materials and equipment the carer may need to assist you, such as disinfectant and specialist equipment for your needs. We will, of course, help you arrange/acquire any necessary equipment. Aprons and gloves will be supplied by Care By Us.  

What if the carer gets sick?

In the event that a carer is taken ill whilst caring for you, we will be responsible for providing a replacement carer.  

What about insurance?

We are fully insured. However, we recommend that you check your insurance to ensure the domestic staff section covers you for any accident, loss or damage to the carer or their belongings whilst in your home.  

What if I want to terminate your care service?

For hourly care and support visits, the service user or his or her authorized representative is required to give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel a visit. Care By Us reserves the right to charge a service user the usual service charge for hourly care and support visits cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice. Care By Us Live-In Care contracts are typically subject to a 2-week cancellation period. If you would like to cancel a service with Care By Us, or would like more information about cancellation periods, please contact Intake or customer care.  

How do I pay for my care?

For our private clients, we do not currently accept Card payments or Direct Debit. You can pay by: BACS and Standing Order: Care By Us Ltd. 71608908 40-23-10 Cheque made payable to Care By Us Ltd.